Personal projects

RSDownloader (no longer maintained)

RSDownloader is a download manager application for the file sharing service. The project is no longer maintained though. In its days (2007-2010), the application had about 30000 downloads and was translated by the community into nine languages. Its ease of use and features made it pretty popular.

Here are some old screenshots:

Other stuff

I’m not going to enumerate all the bits and pieces I hacked together in the earlier days here, for a more recent overview I suggest you check out my GitHub page.

Professional projects

You can find an overview of my professional work in my resume.

Study projects

Master’s thesis

My master’s thesis was entitled “Supporting smart entity behavior across virtual environment platforms” and can be found at the VUB WISE lab website.


During February, April and May of 2009, I was an intern at Ordina Belgium together with Jonas Van Der Biest. Our assignment was to create a knowledge management portal for the organisation. The results can be found in our internship report.